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#J26500: Track student information and progress using these quality file folders.

Cumulative Record Folders© were developed to assist in a student's educational growth and progress. Great for student portfolios, school-to-work, and tech prep. Volume discounts available at a savings of up to 86%! Check out an example of a student portfolio.

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Developed to Assist in a Student's Educational Growth and Progress Great for Student Portfolios, School-to-Work, and Tech Prep

> Organize student records easily

> Track pupil progress in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve

> Occupational plans

> Work-study records

> Accountability

> Student portfolios for assessment and promotion

Used as a tool for student guidance and improvement of instruction, this well-developed cumulative record gives school personnel an opportunity to analyze students' school history, test scores, and rate of growth so that a proper course of action for helping the student can be determined.


These folders have space for recording...

> personal and family data

> health reports

> home data

> standard test records

> elementary, junior high, and senior high records

> achievement in school subjects/test results

> social and emotional reactions

> interests

> other significant data, pictures, enclosures

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